A virtual party for the 80th anniversary of former Beatles star Ringo Star

Source: Los Angeles – AFP

Former famous Beatles star Ringo Star on Tuesday celebrated its 80th birthday, but presumably due to the circumstances of the Corona Virus crisis.

Although the “Beetles” songs were present at the celebration, former Comrade Reno Star companion Paul McCartney missed him.

Sitting behind a drums machine and wearing a muzzle decorated with a drawing symbolizing peace, the artist explained to his fans, “Like most of you, I prefer to have a beautiful birthday party, but this year is not appropriate for organizing a large gathering.” “So I celebrate with my friends a different way this year. We will have to stay away from each other because of the virus,” he added.

The program included a number of famous “Beatles” songs, including “Cam Together”, “All You Need Is Love” and “Wise E Little Help From My Friends”. The program also included archive videos, home recordings, and recorded testimonies from artists, including Sherrill Crowe and David Lynch. About 130,000 fans of “The Beatles” and the Ringo Starr attended the live broadcast of the concert.

But some viewers were disappointed by the absence of Paul McCartney, who only appeared at the party in an excerpt from a party in Los Angeles last year, in which the two former comrades participated together.

Despite his absence, McCartney was in a day’s tweet on his account on Twitter, wishing Sir Richard (and Richard O, the original name of Ringo) “Happy Birthday”. “I hope you will have an excellent day, my old friend,” he wrote.

Ringo Star seized the occasion to launch an invitation to donate to the “Life of Blacks Important” movement, explaining that the goal is “to put an end to all this racist violence.” “The lives of black people are important. Get up and hear your voice.”


Source: Alarabiya

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