Al-Jeddawi family thanks Al-Sisi’s wife .. and plans to commemorate the artist

Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Reedy

The family of the late artist, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, thanked the victory of El-Sisi, the wife of the Egyptian president, because of her interest in following the case of the deceased during her illness.

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi died a week ago at the age of 86 after she was infected with the emerging coronavirus and had been present in the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia Governorate for 43 days.

The family of the late artist, through her account on “Instagram”, expressed her thanks and appreciation for the wife of President Sisi, after her interest in the family and its sympathy for her in her suffering.

Family post on Instagram

In exclusive statements to, Amira Mukhtar, the daughter of the late artist, confirmed that “What Bader made by Mrs. Intisar Al-Sisi is a tribute to Rajaa Al-Jeddawi and her family, and it is also an honor for her and her family.”

The victory of Sisi was quick to mourn the late through a tweet, which she published through her official accounts on the communication sites. The family thanked the first lady for this position.

Intissar Amer, Sisi's wife
Intissar Amer, Sisi’s wife

Al-Jeddawi’s daughter confirmed to that she was surprised by how much love the public had expressed after the death of her mother, confirming that this matter had misfortune “despite severe pain” after the departure of her mother.

Al-Jeddawi’s obituaries were not limited to the Arab world only, but also reached the international press, which makes her family feel “proud and happy.”

The daughter revealed her first step towards memorializing her mother, as she confirmed that she would use quotes from the statements mentioned by Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, especially the sentences that focus on improving the behavior of individuals, to publish it “in an attempt to improve the behaviors and manner of dealing, which was the concern of the late always.”

Amira Mokhtar confirmed that her mother never denied her true age at all, and she always said that “age is in the heart.” She also had a great deal of pardon for everyone in her life.

She also indicated that her mother has always been looking at the message he provides whatever role she plays, regardless of his space in the artwork.

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi and Dina Al-Sherbiny while filming the series “Al-Nisyan” game
Rajaa Al-Jeddawi and Dina Al-Sherbiny while filming the series “Al-Nisyan” game

This matter was translated in her latest series, “The Game of Forgetting”, where Al-Jeddawi told her daughter that the role embodies very important matters, adding: “The conversational sentences that my mother mentions at work are important to anyone, and when an oppressed person listens to her, he will know how to behave at her time.”


Source: Alarabiya

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