Corona still calms her body .. The third tinge of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi is positive

Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

Medical sources at the Abu Khalifa Hospital for Isolation in Egypt revealed, Friday, the positive of the third smear by artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi.

She told that the results of the artist’s third smear tests are positive, which means that the virus has remained in her body since she was hospitalized 26 days ago.

She added that the artist is still being held in intensive care, due to the low oxygen level in the blood, noting that the artist was injected with two doses of plasma, and her condition is almost stable.

Please Al-Jeddawi in the hospital

This comes days after the artist’s capable doctor was infected with the virus, where a medical source at Abu Khalifa Hospital revealed the infection of Dr. Mohamed Khaled, director of intensive care at the hospital and a member of the medical staff treating the artist with the Corona virus.

And last Friday, a hospital medical source announced that Al-Jeddawi conducted the second analysis to confirm the negative or positive effects of the Corona virus, to show the positive result, and the continued presence of the virus in her body.

It is noteworthy that the artist, who is 81 years old, felt the symptoms of Corona after the end of filming the series “The Game of Oblivion” that was broadcast last Ramadan.

She entered the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia on the night of Eid Al Fitr and is still lying in it today.


Source: Alarabiya

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