Days after suffering from Covid 19 .. Iraqi comedian artist dies

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The Iraqi Artists Association announced, on Monday, the death of each of the comedian Khalaf Dhaidan, who had previously been declared infected with the Corona virus, and the poet Sabah Al-Hilali after a struggle with the disease.

The union mourned Dhidan, who was best known for his comedy roles in theater and television.

And the director general of the Health Department in Al-Karkh, Dr. Gasib Latif Ali Al-Hajjami, announced last Friday, the deteriorating health of the artist Daidan after he was infected with the Corona virus a few days earlier.

Al-Hijami said, “The case of Daidan has reached a very critical level after its continued deterioration,” noting that “the artist has been lying in Al-Karkh General Hospital for ten days.”

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A poet dies after a struggle with illness

Also, the Iraqi News Agency (INA) published in a separate statement, we mourn the artists union of the poet Hilali, who died after a struggle with the disease. The captain of the artists, Jabbar Judy, told the agency that “Al-Hilali died on Monday morning after a long struggle with the disease.”

It is mentioned that Al-Hilali was born in Baghdad in 1969 and presented many works of art in theater, folklore, and lyric poetry.

A few months ago, he suffered a health crisis and was subsequently transferred to the Medical City Hospital in Baghdad, where he was lying.

Source: Alarabiya

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