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Chase for a reformed identity

Although our peoples are the most vulnerable in the world, economically, materially and industrially and perhaps morally, and because of this weakness, we are the most harmful to others, and the most proud of our empty accomplishments and reverence for our races and origins.


The late Syrian writer and thinker Muhammad al-Maghout says that we lie to ourselves by saying that there is hope for a change in our conditions for the better. Nothing is hoped for as long as the available options range from militarism to religious extremism.

The first grabs the nails, and the second takes away freedom. Consequently, we are subjected to annihilation, we have nothing to do with the future, although our human reproduction is the highest, nevertheless, we insult, attack and curse everyone who has a relationship with the future, science and invention, and we believe that they are devoted to serve us.


Corona infections have reached astronomical numbers in almost all countries of the world, deaths rose to frightening levels, businesses disrupted, mass transportation, including ships, trains, airplanes, and airports came to a standstill, and all markets collapsed and hundreds of thousands of companies went bankrupt, and the cranes in ports stood like towering statutes and the sales of various stores deteriorated.

The recession pervaded the globe, hundreds of millions lost their jobs and businesses, small and large, and despair and madness struck millions of others. It does not seem that there is a quick way out of the unprecedented tragedy in which the whole world found itself, after hospitals were filled with the infected, and graves overflowed with the dead.


Suddenly, after a long wait full of despair and pain, and for hundreds of long and terrifying days and nights, the laboratories of international pharmaceutical companies, as they had done in the past 150 years, succeeded in ‘finding’ a vaccine in which there will be hope to get out of this madness that we are in.

This clearly shows that Russia, China, or any other power on earth could save humanity from the Corona pandemic other than the West, its prestigious universities and laboratories, its tremendous capabilities in research and development, and the insistence of their scientists to get out with a positive result like the one we heard about recently. These are the same scientists who are cursed billions of times by our scholars.


The success of Western companies, and the American in particular, in developing the anti-corona vaccine should be a lesson for all of us, not only in humility, knowing our size and the truth of our capabilities, but also in realizing that the world is not waiting good from us, rather they only want us to stop the evil of our children, and this cannot be done without making the required change in ideas and methods, stopping wrong media messages, paying attention to openness to others, and accepting their cultures, without having to imitate them in everything.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

Source: Alanbaa

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