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Ignorance is not bliss

By Abdellatif Sharaa

I cannot believe how ignorant most of us human beings can be! Please, just a second – do not get angry because of the abovementioned statement! We are told not to drive at high speeds, but we still do. We are told not to use mobile phones while driving, but we still do. We are told not to eat while driving, but we still do. We are told not to smoke, but we still do.

Very few of us pay attention to how and where we get rid of the trash that we produce. In many cases I find a trash dumpster that is half empty, while the trash around it can fill three dumpsters. Stray animals need food, and they find it in abundance in the bags, that are more likely not closed tightly, or just about, so their contents will be spread all over the place by animals and the wind.

We complain about the presence of rats – plentiful in some areas; this is a problem that existed some time back in the previous century, and it is not as bad as it was then. I hope the authorities can fight this menace as quickly as possible so that it does not escalate. Of course our behavior contributes to the existence of the problem and to resolving it, so follow cleanliness measures in your neighborhood.

Let us shed our laziness, inactivity and reckless behavior behind our backs, and let us be our own helpers! Be courteous when driving – paying attention to the road does not make one a lesser driver. Keep your phone aside, and do not use it even hands-free, because your attention will not be as it should.

Keep your cigarette in the pack, because you will have enough time to smoke it later. It is easy to burn yourself and even your vehicle if a small ember drops for one reason or another, apart from causing a possible traffic accident. This besides keeping your lungs clean, and if you listen carefully, you will hear them saying “thank you”. Please let us keep our communities clean, or at least our neighborhoods, free of all harmful things.

God bless you all.


Source: Kuwait Times

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