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Kuwait Opens New Road To Ease Traffic Congestion

Kuwait opens new road to ease traffic congestion

Kuwait said it would open a new highway route on Saturday across from Abdullah Al-Mubarak area in a bid to reduce chronic traffic jams on the Sixth Ring Road.

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The new 6.5 highway, the latest in a string of infrastructure projects aiming to expand Kuwait’s road network, also links adjacent areas including the burgeoning Sabah Al-Salem University City, Public Works Minister Dr. Rana Al-Fares told the press.

She praised the efforts of her ministry in the completion of the most “pivotal part” of this road project, a day before it is unveiled to the public.

Sandwiched between the Sixth and Seventh Ring Roads, the highway links Kuwait?’s Abdullah Al-Mubarak district to Sabah Al-Salem University City and nearby areas.

Source: Kuwait Today

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