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No ban in traveling back during quarantine period

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 17: An official source at Kuwait International Airport stated with regard to the travel of Kuwaitis and expats confined to their homes after their return from abroad, confirming that they have the right to travel again during the 14-day home quarantine period.

The source stated that the airport authorities do not mind the travel of any person who wishes to travel back during the period of home quarantine as long as he does not show any signs of infection of Corona virus. 

The source indicated that the health authorities decision stipulates that those coming to Kuwait sign a commitment to home or institutional quarantine for a period of 14 days. They are required to bring a PCR certificate proving that it is free from infection reports Al Qabas. The source stated that  thermal check is done for everyone who enters the airport and those who exceed 37.5 degrees are not permitted to enter the airport, besides wearing face masks and gloves is an additional health requirement. 

Domestic workers who are coming from banned 34 countries are entitled to enter provided they have valid residency and they have spent 14 days in a non banned country. There has been no change so far in the list of countries from entering Kuwait,  no new developments have been received by the health authorities.

Source: Alanbaa

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