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State of confusion on first day of resuming commercial flights

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 1: Kuwait Airport was in a state of confusion on the first day after the decision announced by health authorities to ban 31 countries where 23 flights were schedule to leave and 20 flights from various destinations had arrived including Egypt, Beirut, Turkey, Doha, Dubai, Manila and others left everyone in surprise.

4 flights which arrived were denied entry to Kuwait, from these 3 were from Egypt and one from Beirut. 7 flights scheduled to come from Egypt operated by various airlines had to cancel their flights. Number of passengers coming in from Egypt were informed on the plane of their cancellation, where as flight returned back to Beirut airport 20 mins after takeoff.

The total number of 570 passengers arrived from Egypt and Lebanon before the announcement was made.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation made it clear that ban is for passengers arriving from 31 countries and not the expats. Those who wish to travel to Kuwait can do so after spending 14 consecutive days in countries which are not banned.

Source: Alanbaa

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