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Strict checking of transit passengers at Kuwait Airport

Suspected passengers to be deported back with no entry block against his name

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 2: Strict check on all transit passengers arriving from countries which are allowed to enter to Kuwait is being carried out. The authorities at Kuwait International Airport are making sure that the passports are stamped proving that they are not entering from 31 countries which are currently restricted.

The sources stated if any passenger is suspected (coming from 31 restricted countries directly), he will be deported back on the same flight from which he arrived with a block of no entry placed on his name, the airline will be fined and legal measures taken in accordance with the decisions and instructions followed by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Civil Aviation Organization.

Meanwhile 11 flights arrived and 12 departed from Kuwait International airport.

The incoming flights to Kuwait, they include 1 flight of Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa, 2 flights for Qatar Airways from Doha, 2 flights for Turkish Airlines from Istanbul, 4 flights for Kuwait Airways from Trabzon, Bedrum, Dubai and Istanbul, and 2 flights for Jazeera Airways from Dubai and Istanbul.

The departing flights include 1 flight of Ethiopian Airlines to Addis Ababa, 2 flights by Qatar Airways to Doha, 2 Turkish Airlines flights to Istanbul, 5 Kuwait Airways flights to Trabzon, Bedrum, Istanbul, Dubai and London, and 2 Jazeera Airways flights to Istanbul and Dubai.

Source: Alanbaa

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