Advice from a Nobel medical practitioner protect you from “Corona” for a second

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A new method that protects you from the new “Corona” emerging in about one second, advised by a famous scientist, who won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine, who is 79-year-old Louis Ignarro, and finds it in a report published by the scientific journal ScienceAlert in its current issue.

Doing the advice is as simple as closing the mouth and breathing air from the nose only. As for its removal after that, it is from the mouth, and thus one of two tunnels with which the newer enters the respiratory system is closed, according to What I read in the published report, which indicates that the “coronary virus” usually makes its way through the door of the nose or mouth, Or both together to the cells of the lungs in particular, to proliferate without stopping until the patient breathed his last.

By breathing through the nose only more oxygen gets into the lungs, and the immune system is more supported

And the famous scientist explains his advice with what he said, and he said that breathing from the nose helps its cavities to produce a molecule known scientifically as Nitric Oxide born through the lungs more oxygen reaching the blood, then its presence in the lungs helps to fight the virus and prevent it from multiplying and causing deadly infections, which enhances The immune system, the most important weapon in the war on the deadly virus.

The oxide known as literally ON, in short, also prevents high blood pressure, and helps it to flow to all organs. As far as I read Arabic, the magazine reports that it prevents blood clots and accumulates in the natural veins, which causes clots known to be One of the symptoms of infection of the emerging corona.


Source: Alarabiya

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