Corona vaccine gets a green light from the Chinese army

Source: BEIJING – Reuters

The Chinese military has obtained the green light to use a vaccine for the Coronavirus, which it developed with a military research unit, after clinical trials proved to be fairly safe and effective, the Kansino Biologics company said Monday.

The vaccine, called “AD5N. Cove,” is one of eight vaccines developed by Chinese companies and researchers have received approval for human trials to prevent Covid-19 respiratory disease caused by the Coronavirus. The vaccine also received approval for human trials in Canada.

Cansino Biologics said that the Chinese Central Military Commission approved the army’s use of the vaccine on June 25 for a year. The vaccine was developed by Cansino Biology and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology under the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

Cansino Biologics explained that “use” of. De. 5 that. Cove “is currently limited to military use and its use cannot be expanded without the approval of the Logistics Support Administration,” referring to the administration of the Central Military Commission that approved the use of the vaccine.

The company added that the first and second stages of clinical trials showed that the vaccine has the potential to prevent infection caused by the Coronavirus, which has killed half a million people worldwide, but its success cannot be guaranteed commercially.

No vaccine has yet been approved for commercial use to prevent the disease caused by the emerging coronavirus, but 12 vaccines from more than 100 worldwide are being tested in humans.


Source: Alarabiya

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