The world is “officially” looking for the origin of the virus … back to China

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After international demands, especially by the United States, to search for the origin of the virus, which affected more than 12 million and 300,000 people, and as the world returns to resuming its economic and social activity despite the continuing epidemic, amid pessimistic warnings by the World Health Organization, it degrades Saturday in Beijing, two international experts, in search of the source of Corona.

The World Organization announced in a statement that two experts sent by it will spend on Saturday and Sunday in the Chinese capital to lay the foundation for a larger mission to investigate the origins of the Coved 19-pandemic.

How do I move from animals to humans?

The two experts – one who specializes in animal health and the second in epidemics – will work during their visit to define the “scope and terms of reference” for the future mission, which aims to find out how the virus is transmitted from animals to humans.

After international criticism and the call for more than 120 countries to investigate the origin of the virus at the World Health Assembly since May, the decision has officially moved to actual implementation.

From Wuhan, China (Archives – France Press)

The United Nations had previously tried, amid international pressure, to conduct an investigation and communicate with Chinese officials in order to obtain adequate information, but its mission was unsuccessful.

Restore the organization officials secretly

Although the organization was publicly praising China’s performance in the face of an epidemic that first appeared in Wuhan last December, it was complaining in secret. An Associated Press investigation showed that its officials were secretly frustrated in January because of a lack of transparency in China, according to internal audio recordings.

They also complained that the Chinese authorities had delayed the release of the genetic map of the virus for more than a week after three different government laboratories completely decrypted the information.

WHO headquarters in Geneva (archive - AFP)
WHO headquarters in Geneva (archive – AFP)

In addition, senior leaders of the organization complained privately in meetings held on January 6 that China does not share enough data to assess the extent of coronavirus among humans or the extent of the threat it poses to the rest of the world, which is costing valuable time.

From bats to humans via a medium!

It is reported that scientists believe that the virus originated in bats and then transmitted through another mammal such as a civet cat or antskin eating before it was transmitted to humans at a fresh food market in central Wuhan in central China late last year.

There is no doubt that the organization’s mission comes at a politically sensitive time, especially after the United States – the largest financier of the United Nations body — cut ties with it after accusing it of bias towards China and mishandling the pandemic.

The scaly anteater (AFP)
The scaly anteater (AFP)

Corona’s last UN mission was in China in February, at which point the team’s leader, Canadian physician Bruce Aylward, praised Beijing’s efforts to contain the outbreak and exchange information. This prompted Canadian and American officials to criticize him, saying that he is very lenient with China.


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