Tips to avoid cross infection of corona clothing

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After the WHO modified its guidelines on how to infect corona infection and the possibility of the virus emerging in the air, its adhesion to clothing for a while as a result of coughing, spraying, or even air has become a concern for many.

In their advice to avoid cross infection, doctors focus on washing hands, coughing or sneezing in a handkerchief and maintaining adequate distance with others.

Doctors advise that it is necessary to take off clothes immediately upon returning to the home, and take off the shoes as well, and this is a good step in general application for the prevention of any germs or diseases, as reported by Angelic Courthals, a biomedical researcher and professor of pathology at John Jay College, to the New York newspaper. American Times. “

She added that “if you touch a surface stained with your clothes, such as if you sat on a subway or bored your back on a pillar, then there is a possibility that you will return this to your home”, stressing the need to take care of personal hygiene in this difficult period.

Medical centers around the world are advised to control and prevent disease by washing clothes by wearing disposable gloves after use, and not to shake off dirty laundry, to ensure that the chances of the virus spreading in the air are minimized.

She also recommends drying clothes completely.

Also sterilize cars, including steering wheel, door knobs, transmission, seat belts and radio buttons.

It indicates to ensure an adequate degree of ventilation. This is aided by opening the windows and using the air conditioner without pressing the recycling button inside the vehicle.

Health agencies stress the need to follow general preventive measures everywhere outside the home, by wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and using sterilizers.

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