What is the relationship of diabetes to Corona deaths? .. A study reveals

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Studies continue to reveal the mystery of the Corona virus, which has killed more than 556 thousand people around the world, and scientists are working on trying to solve the mystery of the epidemic to confront it.

In a new study, a Chinese study published Saturday showed that patients with high blood sugar levels are at double risk of dying from Covid 19.

This is the first time that scientists confirm that patients who record high levels of sugar in the blood without being diagnosed with diabetes, face a greater risk of death from the coronavirus, according to what was reported in the journal “Diabetology”.

The cause of death

The researchers analyzed death rates for 605 Covid 19 patients in two hospitals in Wuhan, China. They wrote that high blood sugar levels are “linked” in isolation from all other factors, with an increased risk of death and complications from the virus.

This study has been based on previous research conducted on diabetes patients.

In France, one out of every ten patients with the epidemic died, also suffering from diabetes, which is higher than that recorded in people without HIV, without diabetes, according to a study published by the same magazine in May.

The researchers said in the study published Friday that blood clotting and excessive interaction of the immune system may have a role in this topic.

Check blood sugar

Glucose level

More than 100 patients died from these cases, which allowed doctors to study all the factors and characteristics in the performance of their bodies, which led to their deaths, including the level of glucose in the blood. It turned out that the death rate in patients with a relatively high level of sugar (about 7 mmol / L) exceeded the rate in other patients by 2.3 times, outside the framework of cases of diabetes, obesity, or other metabolic disorders.

As for the nature of the relationship between blood sugar and the probability of dying from “Covid-19” disease, it is not clear yet, but there is a hypothesis that the glucose overflow in the blood may contribute to the formation of blood clots and infections, and it may also negatively affect the work of blood vessels.

The study authors also called on hospitals to conduct tests for all Covid-19 patients to know their blood sugar levels, contrary to recommendations to limit this to patients with proven diabetes.

However, researchers not participating in the study warned against the limits of this study. “It is a good report, but it is completely in line with expectations,” said Navid Starr, professor of metabolism at the University of Glasgow. “What researchers cannot confirm is whether the varying targeting of blood sugar levels in patients leads to differences in results,” he added.

It is noteworthy that the new corona virus has killed at least 556,140 people in the world since its appearance in China in December, according to an AFP census, according to official sources, until 19:00 GMT on Friday.

More than 12,361,580 infections have been officially registered in 196 countries and regions since the outbreak began, with at least 6,593,400 people recovering.

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