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Between Facebook and the European Union … a court and a privacy violation

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The Financial Times reported that Facebook had taken the European Union to court for violating the privacy of its employees.

In her report, she said, “The social media company claims that European Union regulators have asked broad questions beyond the scope of two ongoing antitrust investigations, and requested that the General Court of Luxembourg intervene.”

To that, the European Union is investigating how Facebook collects and obtains data from it and that its commercial activity in the market has an unfair advantage compared to its competitors in classified ads.

One investigation focused on Facebook’s data set and the other on its online marketplace launched in 2016 and used by 800 million users in 70 countries to buy and sell items.

“About 1.7 million pages of documents”

Facebook has also provided the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, since March with about 1.7 million pages of documents, including internal emails, in response to multiple requests for information.

The European Union has made other requests for documents containing key words and phrases, such as “big question”, “free”, “not good for us” and “close”.

The company said in its appeal to the court that “these conditions are very broad and will take special information from our employees,” while General Manager and Facebook’s assistant consultant Tim Lamb said: “We are cooperating with the committee and expect to provide them with hundreds of thousands of documents.”

Tim Lamb

He added: “The exceptionally broad nature of the committee’s requests means that we will be required to submit documents that are mostly unrelated to the commission’s investigations, including highly sensitive personal information, such as medical information for employees, personal financial documents, and private information about members of the family of employees, and we believe that such Applications must be reviewed by European Union courts. “

Security risks

Some documents are also alleged to reveal security risks at Facebook headquarters, which were threatened in 2018, and the company was forced to vacate the Menlo Park headquarters due to the threat of a bomb.

European Union officials said they follow the normal procedure for antitrust investigations, and they have no interest in personal details.

It is noteworthy that it is now up to the General Court to decide that the Facebook case is valid and a hearing can be held in September this year.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that a company has filed a lawsuit against the European Union because of its practices in collecting information, as the American Qualcomm chip maker challenged the committee to no avail last year.


Source: Alarabiya

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