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How to send large files via Gmail easily

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Google’s Gmail application is an essential means of communication for many, whether to send messages in person or for work, but the only downside is the lack of the feature to send large files that exceed 25MB, even if there is more than one attachment in Message, the total size of these attachments may not exceed 25MB.

So today in this article we will review some of the ways you can use to easily send large files via Gmail:

1- Using Google Drive:

Although Gmail limits the attachment limit to 25MB, it gives you access to the Google Drive cloud storage service that offers you 15GB for free, letting you save all your large files and documents online.

Then you can attach these files to Gmail messages through the Google Drive service built into the Gmail interface. To do this, follow these steps:

Once you have logged into Gmail, click on the (Compose) option.
• At the bottom of the email window, click on the service icon.
• In the popup window that appears, select the files you want to attach to your message.
• At the bottom of the page, specify how you want to send the file:

o Drive Link: This method is used with any files stored in Google Drive, such as: files created using Google Docs, spreadsheets, presentations, or forms.

o (Attached) Attachment: This method uses files that you have saved in Google Drive, such as: Word files, PDFs, images, videos, etc.

• Once you have selected what you want to attach to your message, press Insert.

2- Divide the folder into smaller files:

The large folder can be divided into small parts to reduce the total size, and attach small files easily in the email message, and you can split the folder yourself by saving the internal files in separate files, or using an application that allows you to split the folder at once.

3- Compressing files:

If you want to send multiple large files in one message, the file compression utility, such as: WinRAR, can be used to compress them all in one file, or compress each file individually to reduce the overall size.

4- Using a paid service:

You can use a G Suite account, to take advantage of a business email address that gives you many options for sending and receiving large files. You can send 25MB files and receive files up to 50MB. And files that are larger than 25MB can be attached by uploading to Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can also use services like: SendThisFile to send up to 2 GB of files securely.


Source: Alarabiya

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