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IPhone responds to clicks on the iOS 14 back … How do you use it?

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In iOS 14, Apple added a new feature to the Accessibility section called Back tap, which allows you to perform various actions by double-clicking on the back of an iPhone, or clicking three times.

(Back tap) feature helps you to connect double or triple click options with a set of system tasks, such as: taking a screenshot, locking your phone, activating silent mode, changing the volume, and even launching certain applications such as Google Assistant.

It also works perfectly with Shortcuts autoplay operations, and you can use it to activate accessibility features like: AssistiveTouch, VoiceOver, Zoom, etc.

You can also use the Back tap feature to activate the shortcuts, which unlock a whole new set of automation options using Apple’s HomeKit platform, for example: You can create a shortcut that turns on all the lights in your home, and then activate it by double-clicking on the back of the iPhone when Waking up and sleeping.

Here’s how to enable (Back Tap) feature in iOS 14:

Go to iPhone Settings (Settings) after installing iOS 14.
• Click on Accessibility.
• Click on (Touch).
• Scroll down to the (Back Tap) option, and tap it.
• You will see two options (Double Back), or (Triple Click) Triple Back, press the option that suits you to do certain tasks when pressing on the back of the phone.
• You can choose to use double or triple back click or set each to perform specific tasks.
• Once you click on either option, you will be presented with a list of tasks that you can assign as shown in the following image:

According to the people who installed the iOS 14 beta, Back Tap works surprisingly with them if the phone is unlocked – i.e. inside the main screen -, inside apps (including external apps), and even inside the lock screen.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a feature like this on smartphones, as HTC allows users to click and even press the sides of a phone (U12 +) to perform specific actions.

Google Pixel phones also allow you to tap the screen while it is locked to check notifications; Google appears to be testing similarly customizable double tap feature in Android 11.g


Source: Alarabiya

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