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Learn more about FaceApp to change facial features

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FaceApp allows you to modify your own personal photos or the photos of your friends or family members to look older or to get rid of facial wrinkles, by changing the facial features using neural networks and artificial intelligence, what is the FaceApp application and how it works, and are there any concerns Concerning security and privacy the user must pay attention to before using the application? Here is everything you need to know about FaceApp to modify and edit facial features:

What is FaceApp and how does it work?

FaceApp is a photo editing and editing app that uses artificial intelligence to change facial features and transform images to draw a smile on faces, transform young people to look older or change the image of adults to look younger.

In addition to adding filters and other effects to the images, the application can use images from your library or you can take pictures through the application, and you can also allow the application to check the image library in your phone and pull only images that contain the face.

The application uses technologies in its servers to process your photos and add filters to them, this means that the images that you want to modify are uploaded to the application’s servers first to perform the required processing and then show you the end result.

How you can use the app

FaceApp provides an easy and simple user interface, that allows you to edit all of the new selfies taken with the phone camera, or the old photos already in your photo library.

Once you open the main screen of the application, you will have two options, either choose an image from your phone’s picture library by clicking on the option (All Pictures) at the bottom of the screen and selecting the image you want to make an amendment to, or take a new photo using the phone’s camera.

The image you select will start with a filter called (Original), but you can scroll to the right side of the screen to show a variety of sub menus that you can choose from, including: mpression, Smiles, Beards, Gender, Hair Styles, Hair Colors, Age, Sizes , Glasses, Morphing and Makeup.

Within these sub menus, you will find a variety of filters that you can include in your photo, such as: changing the color of the beard, and you can also click the (Age) tab to adjust the image by adding wrinkles to your image to look older.

If you scroll to the left side of the screen you will also find options to edit the image, such as: merging all the images you edited into one image, then pressing the save button in the top right corner of the screen to save the image in your phone, then you will have the option to share it on the communication sites Various social media, or via chat applications, such as: WhatsApp.

Does the app threaten the privacy of users?

“I don’t see any sign of the application threatening the privacy of users in abnormal ways. While the app works to collect data and images because this is its business model, this kind of risk is already present in many of the companies,” says Nikolaos Krisidos, security expert at Avast. Other applications that people use on their devices that require access to specific data such as: location, camera, and microphone to complete its work.

As for the developer of the application, it stated: “It deletes the images from its servers within 48 hours, and all the features of the application are available for use without logging in. As a result, 99% of users do not log in; Therefore, we cannot access any data that could identify a person. ”

The app is freely available for Android users on Google Play, and for iPhone and iPad users in the App Store.


Source: Alarabiya

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