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Republican bill to withdraw immunity from social media giants

Source: Washington – Bandar Al-Doshi

On Wednesday, Republican Senator Josh Hawley introduced legislation giving consumers the ability to prosecute companies such as Facebook and Twitter over accusations of selective oversight of political discourse.

The legislation is the latest attack on the legal protection of online platforms, and holds them responsible for user-posted content, and comes after President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at targeting the protection that companies receive in May.

And the immunity law, Article 230 of the immunity of large companies via the Internet, will prevent protection from the Etiquette of Communications Act unless you review the terms of service to include impartial work obligations and details of their content management policies, according to the Hawley Office.

Article 230 protects network operators from lawsuits related to user-generated content and enables them to supervise the content without losing that legal protection.

Under the Hawley Project, users who believe the provider “does not work in good faith” by applying its content rules consistently and fairly can sue the company.

Hawley’s office said the bill was also sponsored by Republican lawmakers Marco Rubio, Mike Brown and Tom Cotton.

And if Congress approves any of the bills against telecom companies, every dispute over content oversight on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter may turn into a lawsuit – while the government can find itself with a new and influential job, where It can decide whether companies like Facebook and Twitter act impartially and in good faith.


Source: Alarabiya

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