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Under pressure, will Tik Tok move from Beijing to London?

Source: Dubai- Arabia. Net

The British capital may be the refuge of the Bait Dance Company, the owner of the Chinese Tik Tok application, which is under unprecedented US pressure.

The owners of the well-known application among the youth intend to announce a change of their headquarters from the Chinese capital, Beijing, to London, after an apparent agreement with the relevant British ministers, according to what British media revealed on Monday.

Perhaps the move raises the ire or doubts of US President Donald Trump, who earlier today gave the Chinese application 45 days to negotiate with an American company in order to buy it, after he previously threatened to ban it in the United States.

Smear campaign

And the bytes dance owner of “Tik Tok” had announced earlier that it was facing “unimaginable complex difficulties” in working towards becoming a global company, as it was accused in a Facebook network statement of committing “literary theft and defamation campaign” against the company.

The Beijing-based company made the comments in a statement posted to its official account on its news application, Jinri Tutuo, late Sunday. The statement also said that the company will continue to stick to its vision of globalization.

Tik Tok (Reuters)

However, the company did not mention in its statement these pressures that it is currently facing in the United States to sell the Tik Tok application for short dance and entertainment clips, which are widely popular worldwide.

While Reuters reported, the US President agreed to give “Beat Dance” 45 days to negotiate the sale of Tik Tok to Microsoft.


Source: Alarabiya

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