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60 airlines start operating flights this week

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OAG International, the provider of airports and airline data, said that about 60 airlines will restart their flights globally this week according to scheduled flight data, noting that airlines added an estimated capacity of 5.7 million seats per week, starting with June 1st compared to last week.

An additional 267,000 flights are scheduled to run this week, which is an increase of nearly 16% compared to last week, indicating that capacity is still 66% less than normal levels before the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The company said that demand is now the critical issue for all airlines in the recovery phase, and again there are signs of some growth in both the domestic market in China and in Europe, adding, though we have been witnessing adjustments to seat capacity in the coming weeks, according to the Emirates newspaper Today.

It showed that seat capacity witnessed growth in most of the major regional markets, and both the Middle East and Central America regions witnessed double-digit growth this week, noting that the reopening of the Saudi market will contribute to raising capacities significantly.

“The first week of June may be a turning point for the industry in terms of capacity, but we need to be very careful about the summer forecast,” she added, noting that with continued uncertainty and the restoration of passenger confidence so far, there are many factors that are outside the will of the airlines, which will continue to The effect on demand in the end.


Source: Alarabiya

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