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An airline ticket with less than 10 euros angered major companies

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Airlines are currently trying to reduce ticket prices to the maximum, in order to gain a market share as the number of travelers in the world falls to record levels.

And that competition led to the announcement by many airlines of the prices of tickets less than 10 euros, amounting to 11.25 dollars, which angered major international airlines.

Lufthansa, Carsten Spoort, chief executive of German airline, said the low-cost tickets, valued at less than 10 euros, were worth $ 11.25, damaging the airline’s reputation.

Spur confirmed in an interview with the Swiss newspaper “Neue Tsurisher Zeitung”, reported by “Bloomberg” news, that selling a ticket worth 9.99 euros is not responsible economically and environmentally.

He added that the largest airline in Europe will seek to obtain financing in the capital markets to repay government loans obtained by them to face the repercussions of the Corona virus, by 2023.

He added, “Lufthansa will not be debt free, but we want to obtain money market loans to pay taxpayer money in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, we prefer to be debtors to the capital market and not to the taxpayer.”

The German aviation group received the first tranche of German government aid, nearly a week after the General Assembly approved the government rescue package.

A spokesman for the company said yesterday that the group listed on the index, “M DAX” for medium-sized companies withdrew the first tranche of aid worth about one billion euros of the state-owned German Development Bank loan.

The spokesman said that the date for withdrawing the additional two billion from the bank loan has not been decided yet, and Lufthansa can fix this date, noting that the new shares were issued yesterday, and it is scheduled to be seized to the government tomorrow.

20% of the government’s controversial participation in the company was also paved, while this part of the government aid caused criticism from old shareholders in the company.


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