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Caution may hinder the summer tourism season

Source: Dubai –

Travel agency managers and experts in the Emirates said that next summer’s vacation will not be similar to previous seasons, with the sector being severely affected in recent weeks by the emerging crisis of the Corona virus.

They expected that the movement of flights and tourism will be resumed gradually and in stages as soon as the restrictions are lifted, and that travel starts first between countries that have been relatively able to contain the virus, according to Emirates Today.

They said that business travel or family visits may overwhelm holiday makers during the summer if the restrictions are removed.

They pointed out that travel decisions will be very cautious in terms of timing or destination chosen, while some may resort to postpone the leave for a later period.

Deputy CEO of Al-Rayes Travel Company, Muhammad Jassim Al-Rayyis, said that “under the current circumstances, it is not possible to speculate on the demand for summer vacations to spend tourist holidays or intent for destinations for the purpose of visiting”, pointing out that initial indications may appear in the middle of next May at least.

Al-Rayyis added, “There is a cautious and general anticipation of developments that may occur in the coming period, and that there are a large number of people wishing to travel, but all of this depends on the suspension decisions in the travel country or the intended destination, including the procedures that will be followed in Airports to deal with departing and arriving travelers. “

He continued, “We can confirm that the summer vacation will not be in any way similar to the previous seasons in the past years.” He pointed out that “even if travel restrictions were eased or removed, the decisions that travelers will make will be cautious about their destination.”

Official visits

“In the event that the restrictions imposed by the authorities and governments on air transport decline, there are expectations of a greater demand for travel for the purpose of visiting family and relatives, compared to the demand for tourist holidays,” Al-Rayyes said.

He stated that “the movement of reservations in tourist destinations most affected by the virus will remain few, compared to others,” explaining that “for example, we do not expect a large turnout on popular tourist destinations, such as Spain, Germany and Italy, compared to other stations.”

Gradual return

For his part, Maamoun Humaidan, the CEO of Wego in the Middle East, North Africa and India, said that it is likely that flights and tourism will be resumed gradually and in stages, after countries lift the ban at different times.
He added that the matter will differ from one country to another and from one region to another, while countries and airlines discover how to transport people safely, while airlines and airports implement some procedures that provide passengers with comfort and safety, so that they book airline tickets during the coming period.

Narus Sarkis, general manager of Belhasa Tourism Company, said that “some indications regarding the demand for tourism in summer may appear within a month,” adding: “Currently, it is highly unlikely that many will take the initiative to plan holidays.”

Sarkis said that once some positive indications emerge regarding containing the Corona virus, its receding, or providing treatment, this may directly affect air transport, indicating that in all cases, expectations indicate a gradual recovery of the sector once the travel restrictions that Imposed by states. He stressed that important tourist destinations around the world, especially in Europe, were severely affected by the effects of the Corona virus, and therefore we do not expect it to be ready for the tourist season, compared to other less harmful destinations.


Source: Alarabiya

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